Brian King of Oranjuly’s Year-End Roundup

Brian King and his band Oranjuly delivered a sunny self-titled debut that works perfect for driving around, or for brightening a dark day (like every day this week in Chicago). Unfortunately, that record came out in 2010, so it was not eligible for the year-end lists on my end. However, I fully recommend that you check it out. It sounds like they’ve had a pretty … Continue reading Brian King of Oranjuly’s Year-End Roundup


There is a certain amount of genius needed to make the kind of music Brian King does under the moniker Oranjuly. Lucky for us, he has enough and then some. On this self-titled debut, Brian not only wrote all the songs, but played all the instruments and, I assume, had band meetings that produced tension and led to band breakups and eventual reunions. I wasn’t … Continue reading Oranjuly