The Wind And The Wave-From The Wreckage

20140806-104924-38964594.jpgBack in April I went to Schubas to see Blake Sennet’s new band Night Terrors of 1927. They were sandwiched between two bands I either hadn’t heard of or didn’t care about at the time. So I got to the show late, watched Night Terrors, and then left. The opening band that night was The Wind And The Wave. Having now heard their new LP (several times), I feel like a fool for not getting there early.

The duo capitalize on the recent popularization of americana in pop music. Generally I am against bands like this-Lumineers type stuff-but they do everything so perfectly that it’s impossible not to like. The marriage of lyric and melody is often so perfectly crafted that it feels like this record should have come out by now, written by a world famous band with many accolades and sales. Dwight Baker and Patricia Lynn may not be there yet, but with From The Wreckage they are well on their way.
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