Balún at SubT 8/18/18

Fresh off the release of their new album Prisma Tropical, Balún Hit Chicago to open for The Chamanas last night. They’re a 4-piece from San Juan, Puerto Rico, via Brooklyn, with a sound that merges heavy percussion with synths and guitar. I was happy to hear them play my favorite off the album, “Años Atrás” and some other great ones. The live version of the … Continue reading Balún at SubT 8/18/18

Tigue at Constellation 6/6/18

A few years ago I put together a show for a band from New York that I really loved and who went on to dissolve not much later. The drummer for that band was Carson Moody, who then joined up with Matt Evans and Amy Garapic to form Tigue. They’re a percussion trio that make soundscapes with sonic nods to drone, afrobeat, and experimental ambience. … Continue reading Tigue at Constellation 6/6/18

TIGUE Come To Constellation 9/6/2015

   It really breaks me up that I’m not going to be in Chicago when percussion trio TIGUE hits town in a couple weeks. I’ll be in Minneapolis because we bought tickets to see D’Angelo at First Ave before TIGUE’s show at Constellation was announced. The last time I saw member Carson Moody was at a show I put together at Empty Bottle headlined by … Continue reading TIGUE Come To Constellation 9/6/2015