Unsung Singers:Pete Droge

   I’ve always been a sucker for singer/songwriters. The ability to take a feeling or idea, put it down on paper and set it to music is a talent that many have. But like poker, it takes five minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. Some people, your Guthrie’s, Dylan’s, Springsteen’s, seem to have an innate ability to take a whole group of people’s … Continue reading Unsung Singers:Pete Droge

Heyward Howkins-Be Frank, Furness

The first thing that caught my attention about Heyward Howkins was his voice. A perfect balance between Antony Hegarty and Roy Orbison that gives the songs a bit of classic rock and post-modernism at the same time. My first time through the record I focused almost entirely on the vocals, unable to really pay any attention to anything else going on. They’ve done a nice … Continue reading Heyward Howkins-Be Frank, Furness