Molehill-Tin God (Video)

It’s been almost a full year since the last time Molehill was mentioned on this site. That seems crazy, because for a while there they were dominating the bandwidth here. It was just two years ago that I asked them to play the 5th anniversary show for Music.Defined., and they blew the roof off of Beat Kitchen in doing so. Last week they hit UpState … Continue reading Molehill-Tin God (Video)

Molehill-“Hearts On Fire”

Chicago rockers Molehill have released the first of three singles coming out over the next few months that will make up their Hearts On Fire EP. The title track premiered on 50Thirdand3rd‘s website yesterday. The protest anthem feels very in-step with the times, and I’m all for any songs that stand behind the #Resist movement. Molehill has always been a band who knows what they … Continue reading Molehill-“Hearts On Fire”

Molehill-“Two Souls” Video

   I’m a fan of interpretive dance in music videos. Done well it can be a great marriage of sight and sound. In the case of Molehill’s “Two Souls” video, dancers Katie Williams and Brian Lynch provide an emotional tapestry for the song about two people torn apart only to come together again. You can hear this tune and many others Saturday night at Double … Continue reading Molehill-“Two Souls” Video

Molehill At Beat Kitchen, 8/20/11

A lot has happened in the four months since I last saw Molehill perform.  Music. Defined. has taken off like I couldn’t have imagined, and the bands in Chicago that I’ve met seem to keep getting better. I wasn’t sure what I was walking in to when I went to Bottom Lounge and caught a set by this hard rockin’ foursome, but I’m glad I … Continue reading Molehill At Beat Kitchen, 8/20/11