Hoots & Hellmouth-Diction (Video)

It’s been about 5 years since the last release from Philly’s Hoots & Hellmouth released new music. They were singing about a wrecking ball a full year before that other popular song about wrecking balls came out, but it’s been quiet on all fronts since then. Which makes In The Trees a hotly anticipated record for fans of the band like myself. Yesterday they put … Continue reading Hoots & Hellmouth-Diction (Video)

(Sandy) Alex G at Bottom Lounge 4/9/2016

Alex G was a complete unknown to me before yesterday’s set at Bottom Lounge. Apparently making music for the past few years out in Philadelphia, he somehow escaped me. Not the fans in the audience in Chicago, though. Most knew all the words to every song, and one enthusiastic fan who shouted “ANIMAL!” after every tune was eventually awarded with that track. I wasn’t super … Continue reading (Sandy) Alex G at Bottom Lounge 4/9/2016

Heyward Howkins-Be Frank, Furness

The first thing that caught my attention about Heyward Howkins was his voice. A perfect balance between Antony Hegarty and Roy Orbison that gives the songs a bit of classic rock and post-modernism at the same time. My first time through the record I focused almost entirely on the vocals, unable to really pay any attention to anything else going on. They’ve done a nice … Continue reading Heyward Howkins-Be Frank, Furness

Hoots and Hellmouth-Salt

A couple of weeks ago I posted a song off of Hoots and Hellmouth‘s new album, Salt, with the promise of a review within the next week. Well that didn’t happen, obviously, and now I find myself listening and writing with less than 24 hours before it is officially released. The song, “Why Would You Not Want To Go There” stood out to me as … Continue reading Hoots and Hellmouth-Salt