Perfume Genius at Lincoln Hall 10/1/2014

There was a lot of love in the room last night at Lincoln Hall as Perfume Genius dropped in to promote the new record, Too Bright. The setting was intimate and comfortable. Comfortable enough that fans shouted up to the stage between most songs, my favorite being a guy yelling “Thank you for being yourself!” Michael Hadreas paused for a second before responding, “No problem.” … Continue reading Perfume Genius at Lincoln Hall 10/1/2014

St Vincent at Pitchfork

I’m writing this while St Vincent is still on stage because I don’t know how she could possibly add anymore awesome into this set at Pitchfork. Right off the bat she hit hard with a trio of amazing songs-“Rattle Snake” and “Digital Witness” from her most recent, self-titled record and then my favorite St Vincent song “Cruel.” If she had called it a day after … Continue reading St Vincent at Pitchfork

Porcelain Raft at Schubas 9/12/2013

Last month Mauro Remiddi released a new album as Porcelain Raft called Permanent Signal. I hadn’t really cared for his previous two efforts, last year’s Strange Weekend and the 2011 EP Gone Blind. In 2012 he toured with Youth Lagoon, and I saw a lot of similarities in the two. With the new album, Remiddi breaks free of that comparison and makes a more compelling … Continue reading Porcelain Raft at Schubas 9/12/2013