Kenia OS-House of Blues 3/15/23

I got to House of Blues just a few minutes after doors opened for up-and-coming Mexican singer Kenia OS’s first show in Chicago. The line to get in, which I opted to skip after picking up my photo pass, went around the building, down the block, and past the river. The longest line I’ve ever seen for a show there. I’ve only recently learned about … Continue reading Kenia OS-House of Blues 3/15/23

Fun Fun Fun Fest Day 2: Gogol Bordello

I don’t know why I skip Gogol Bordello shows. When I’ve seen them, they fill me with a great energy and joy that most bands couldn’t dream of. The gypsy punks know how to put on a show, and they appear to have as much fun playing as the audience does listening. Kudos to the band for telling security to settle down and let the … Continue reading Fun Fun Fun Fest Day 2: Gogol Bordello

My Favorite Photos From Pitchfork 2015

I don’t consider myself a “concert photographer.” I’m not touring with bands, doing album covers and press photos. And I’m sure as hell not making any money at it. I go to a lot of shows and write reviews that need photos, so I take them. If Kari is at the show, she’ll take them because she’s a much better photographer than I am. That … Continue reading My Favorite Photos From Pitchfork 2015

#UberLIVE Lollapalooza Pop-Up Shows

I don’t know if you’ve ever used Uber before, but it’s a pretty handy app if you’re looking to catch a cab after a show. Especially if you’re in an area that isn’t generally heavy on taxi traffic (like the Camera Obscura show at Thalia Hall-definitely requested an Uber after that one). They’ve come under some scrutiny lately, with the government trying to run them … Continue reading #UberLIVE Lollapalooza Pop-Up Shows