People Of Pitchfork Collage

I met a lot of nice people over the weekend at Pitchfork, and I put together a little collage to commemorate the event. Thanks to any I photographed over the three days. It was nice to meet you. Follow the link and click on any photo to find a nicer, hi-res version. in Blog Continue reading People Of Pitchfork Collage

Hiber at Ribfest 6/12/2016

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to catch Hiber‘s first show ever. The Future Laureates frontman Danny Surico assembled a great group around him featuring Hemmingbirds Yoo Soo Kim and Dan Lieber (Ezra Lange took over bass duties for this show). Today they took the stage at one of Chicago’s great institutions, Ribfest. They played a mix of old Laureates songs and new stuff … Continue reading Hiber at Ribfest 6/12/2016

Fun Fun Fun Fest Day 2: Gogol Bordello

I don’t know why I skip Gogol Bordello shows. When I’ve seen them, they fill me with a great energy and joy that most bands couldn’t dream of. The gypsy punks know how to put on a show, and they appear to have as much fun playing as the audience does listening. Kudos to the band for telling security to settle down and let the … Continue reading Fun Fun Fun Fest Day 2: Gogol Bordello

The Tallest Man On Earth at Thalia Hall 8/29/2015

I’ve gone on record as saying I’m not a huge fan of the latest Tallest Man On Earth record. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I’m just more of a Wild Hunt fan. So seeing that Kris Mattison was playing with a full band didn’t instill me with the greatest of confidences. It didn’t take long to convert me, though, as the band played … Continue reading The Tallest Man On Earth at Thalia Hall 8/29/2015

My Favorite Photos From Pitchfork 2015

I don’t consider myself a “concert photographer.” I’m not touring with bands, doing album covers and press photos. And I’m sure as hell not making any money at it. I go to a lot of shows and write reviews that need photos, so I take them. If Kari is at the show, she’ll take them because she’s a much better photographer than I am. That … Continue reading My Favorite Photos From Pitchfork 2015