A Giant Dog at Double Door 1/6/2017

My first show of 2017 was a part of a huge festival that hits Chicago early every year, Ian’s Party. It brings multiple venues together to celebrate a ton of great local music, with some out-of-towners brought in to make it even more enticing. The lineup at Double Door last night featured something like 15 bands on 2 stages. I stayed upstairs and caught 4 … Continue reading A Giant Dog at Double Door 1/6/2017

A Giant Dog-“Sex And Drugs”

We’re still a few months away from the official release of A Giant Dog‘s new album Pile, their first on Merge Records. Yesterday, the lead single for the record was posted to YouTube and it’s every bit as fun as you’d expect from the Austin rockers. The tune blends the piano jams of early Elton John with a lo-fi punk attitude. It feels as free … Continue reading A Giant Dog-“Sex And Drugs”