5 Years Of Songs

You have no idea how excited I am to be hosting the 5th anniversary show at Beat Kitchen we’ve put together April 25th. I’m featuring three bands that are very well known to me, and hopefully you, but not household names by any means. My greatest joy is introducing people to new music through this site and over the last few years I’ve covered a … Continue reading 5 Years Of Songs

Best Songs (So Far) Of 2015

   It’s been a pretty good year for music so far. Last week I posted my top albums that have come out this year (up to Friday of last week). Now it’s time for the best songs list, which I’ve limited to 25 (and yes, two of those spots are taken by Leon Bridges so deal with it). 25. The Decemberists-“The Singer Addresses His Audience” … Continue reading Best Songs (So Far) Of 2015

Valentine’s Day Playlist 2014 (50 Ways To Woo Your Lover)

Last year I made a playlist of songs that was more about good indie rock songs than it was about celebrating love. So this year I’ve gone a bit more traditional and made a list that showcases a lot of different genres and eras. I think it came out pretty well. If you’re looking to have a romantic night with your special someone, just light … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Playlist 2014 (50 Ways To Woo Your Lover)