My New Spotify Playlist, EDM Edition

It certainly would come as no surprise to people who read this site often that I am not a big EDM fan. Quite the opposite, actually. I’ve spent the better half of my adulthood discrediting the form and talking down to its fans. I realized at some point last year that my inert hatred of EDM was unfair to the people who work hard to … Continue reading My New Spotify Playlist, EDM Edition

Music.Defined.’s 2013 Summer Mix

I set out to make this playlist as a bit of a joke. Last week I saw something like a billion posts about the Summer Mix coming from a bunch of different music sites. “I could easily do one of those,” I indignantly said to myself. Cocksure and determined I opened up Spotify ready to go. Then I realized I haven’t put together a real … Continue reading Music.Defined.’s 2013 Summer Mix