Ono at Double Door 1/6/2017

A few years ago Ono returned to the stage after a three decade absence, and luckily they are here when we need them most. Friday night at Double Door they tore through ambient slam poetry dealing with racism, gender identity, and misogyny. At 70, Travis still commands attention from the audience as one of the most fascinating on-stage characters I’ve witnessed. Check out this video … Continue reading Ono at Double Door 1/6/2017

frontier ruckus-Eternity Of Dimming

Back in 2006 frontier ruckus put out their first EP, I Am The Water You Are Pumping. I think it was the following year when I first heard of them, and I kept hearing about them over and over. For whatever reason I never checked them out. Even when people who had almost identical musical taste to my own would tell me to pick up … Continue reading frontier ruckus-Eternity Of Dimming