Push Puppets-October Surprise

Mid-term elections are coming up quick, and that means it’s just about time for the October surprise, in which one candidate puts out some piece of information (real or not) that they think will tank their opponent. We’ve seen it time and again, with varying results. Maybe JB Pritzker has a photo of Darren Bailey rolling around naked in a puddle of slop with his … Continue reading Push Puppets-October Surprise

The Steak House Mints-Don’t Let The Russian Bots Win

Donald Trump is a racist, human-shaped pile of garbage. I’m not surprised he slurs his words so often, as I imagine it’s hard to talk with all the bullshit in his mouth. He lies. Always. If his lips are moving, he’s lying. I don’t even know if it can be considered gaslighting anymore. If the people are still falling for his tricks, maybe it’s on … Continue reading The Steak House Mints-Don’t Let The Russian Bots Win

Martin Van Ruin-On The Level (Video Premiere)

It’s been a few years since Martin Van Ruin’s brilliant debut, Every Man A King. I’m very excited that their follow-up will finally arrive next Friday, and that they’ll be appearing at Fitzgerald’s the same night to play it live. Derek Nelson is a great songwriter and performer, so I’m sure Current Day won’t disappoint. Today I’m premiering the latest video off the record, “On … Continue reading Martin Van Ruin-On The Level (Video Premiere)