Marchelle Bradanini-Oscar Wilde

It’s been a few years since I’ve talked about Marchelle Bradanini here. Her album Blue Gold, under the moniker Pony Boy, came out way back in 2015. I first heard of her a while before that (and actually wrote about her for the first time eight years ago yesterday!). As Pony Boy she displayed a dark, back-alley brawl kind of Americana that hung around in … Continue reading Marchelle Bradanini-Oscar Wilde

On A Personal Note: Marchelle Bradanini On Tom Waits

“Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis” by Tom Waits Marchelle Bradanini aka Pony Boy Only Tom Waits could tackle the “hooker with a heart of gold” cliché and not only deliver a heart aching tale filled with depth and soul, but also create one of the best damn holiday songs ever written.   To briefly digress, my personal love affair with Tom Waits goes … Continue reading On A Personal Note: Marchelle Bradanini On Tom Waits

Emptying My Inbox, part 1

I get a lot of music submissions every week, and I’m grateful that bands and artists are seeing out my opinion (and the little exposure that provides). I really like listening to everything and getting to know the bands that send me stuff. One thing I don’t really dig is reviewing singles. I’ve mentioned this before, but anyone can strike gold once. I want to … Continue reading Emptying My Inbox, part 1