The Thermals at Lincoln Hall 4/20

I don’t have time to write much this morning. Yesterday I woke up to see a tweet from Hutch saying that The Thermals were playing every song off The Body The Blood The Machine during this tour and I got crazy excited because I was already planning to go. The band is in a kind of renaissance with their last two record both being exceptional, … Continue reading The Thermals at Lincoln Hall 4/20

The Obleeks-One In A Million

   There’s something rather fun and exciting about the latest EP from The Obleeks. It’s a briskly-paced 4 song collection recorded in the childhood home of brothers Andy and Lee Ketch in Portland (they’re now based in Chicago). One would think that going back home to make a record would drown it in nostalgic references, but One In A Million isn’t some trip down memory … Continue reading The Obleeks-One In A Million