Favorite Photos Of 2017

I took a lot of photos this year. A handful of them were pretty good. These are my favorites, though you can see many more if you’d like by clicking the Flickr area on this page. I’m separating this year into two categories: concert and portrait. I don’t usually do a lot of portrait work, but I had way more opportunities this year. CONCERTS 10.The … Continue reading Favorite Photos Of 2017

Willis Earl Beal Interview At The Empty Bottle 2/27/2017

I went to a free show at The Empty Bottle last Monday to see Willis Earl Beal. I’ve been a fan of his work since he blew up in the Chicago scene at the beginning of the decade, but this was my first time seeing him live. There was no talk of doing an interview beforehand, but my friend August Forte, who works in the … Continue reading Willis Earl Beal Interview At The Empty Bottle 2/27/2017

80/35 Portraits

I’m not big on doing portraits most of the time. I’m not a great poser of people. But, 80/35 gave me a great opportunity to shoot some people that are amazingly talented and humble and collaborative. I wanted to feature as many local bands as I could, and I hope that I accomplished that. Raven Lenae (local to me in Chicago) Patrick Tape-Fleming and Chris … Continue reading 80/35 Portraits