The Differents-It’s All Too Beautiful

Since the early 1990’s Lou Hallwas has been rocking the Steely Dan vibes in Chicago. They added a new bass player, Gary Stier, in 2015 and there’s a new album coming on Black Friday called It’s All Too Beautiful. This is their first full-length in over 5 years. The first single The Differents released for the new album is actually a reworked (and in my … Continue reading The Differents-It’s All Too Beautiful

Curious Grace & Black Rabbit-Fire Brigade

Thirty seconds into Curious Grace & Black Rabbit‘s “Fire Brigade,” I had to pull out the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack to make sure I hadn’t heard this song already. It’s got the same energy of those mid-90’s power pop/alternative hits from Letters To Cleo and Save Ferris. It’s all brand new, though-references to “pink pussy hats” will let you know they’re talking … Continue reading Curious Grace & Black Rabbit-Fire Brigade

The Romantic Comedy-Let’s Be Sad Together

  Sometimes bands don’t make it. Even the really good ones have a hard time breaking through and getting heard. So it always warms my musical heart when someone who didn’t make it decides to give it another go. From the ashes of The Great American Novel came the band Lame (based for a short time in LA), now (in NYC) known as The Romantic … Continue reading The Romantic Comedy-Let’s Be Sad Together

Twins-“Babe City” (Video)

Twins new album Tomboys On Parade will be out shortly from Maximum Ames Records, on April 1st. For now you can check out this new video they premiered last week on Powerpopaholic. It reminds me a bit of “Happy Days” on speed, or maybe “Three’s Company” if Jack Tripper was played by Har Mar Superstar and Mr. Roper was Jarvis Cocker. Needless to say, I’m … Continue reading Twins-“Babe City” (Video)

Mooner At Schubas 1/4/13

Like most people in the midwest I spent the weekend being crushed by the oppressing weight of winter. Despite the treacherous conditions, I made my way to Schubas on Saturday night to catch a set by local music makers Mooner. It had been a couple years since the last time I saw them play, and the venues couldn’t have been more different. The sound system … Continue reading Mooner At Schubas 1/4/13