Acceptance Of Disappointment-Living Through 2016

Around this time every year I write a snarky post about the things that disappointed me in music throughout the year. Generally it’s just some garbage about Nicki Minaj being a talentless shrew, or Bon Iver being so boring I’d rather lay in the grass and wait for it to envelop me than listen to his droning on about whatever pretentious drivel he’s got on … Continue reading Acceptance Of Disappointment-Living Through 2016

CIMM Fest Day 2 Highlights

   Day 2 of the 7th annual CIMM Fest brings my most anticipated movie of 2015-not Avengers nor Star Wars, I’m talking about Rain The Color Blue With A Little Red In It. This sub-Saharan homage to the Prince classic Purple Rain has my mind abuzz with all the amazing possibilities. It plays late (11:20), so make sure you take a nap early evening so … Continue reading CIMM Fest Day 2 Highlights

Prince-Art Official Age

If PlectrumElectrum was Prince’s throw back to guitar legend Jimi Hendrix, Art Official Age must be his homage to soul luminaries like The Isley Brothers and Marvin Gaye (plus Parliament). It’s a neo-soul record that blurs the line between classic and contemporary R&B. It’s the closest thing to Purple Rain he’s made in decades. Skewering some of todays biggest acts, he goes heavier on production … Continue reading Prince-Art Official Age

Prince & 3rd Eye Girl-PLECTRUMELECTRUM

How has he managed to stay this cool for this long? While most peers of Prince have aged into recidivism, putting out awful records to cash in on their name, The Purple One has stayed true to his artistic vision. Not only has he kept the music funky, he’s actually getting better. You can try to refute that point if you’d like, but I would … Continue reading Prince & 3rd Eye Girl-PLECTRUMELECTRUM


I’ve been waiting a long time for this record to come out. I saw Kitten open for The Joy Formidable at The Vic in April of last year and it was one of the best sets I’ve seen in a long time. Frontwoman Chloe Chaidez made sure every square inch of the stage was trampled on by her feet as the rampaged in front of … Continue reading Kitten-S/T