Top Tracks Of 2013

It took me a while to narrow my list down to fifty songs this year. Tons of great music came out, and the quality reached across all kinds of genres. Spotify has been a huge help in creating and sharing playlists, but like anything it isn’t perfect. There were two songs that I really wanted to include in my playlist but they aren’t available in … Continue reading Top Tracks Of 2013

Fort Frances At Lincoln Hall 11/3/2013

2013 has been a pivotal year for the men in Fort Frances. They’ve attained goals, fulfilled lifelong dreams, and most importantly released some great music. It started back in the spring with the release of Harbor, the beautiful EP that has held strong in my Top 25 since it came out (currently #15). They toured a bit behind that, headed up to New York City … Continue reading Fort Frances At Lincoln Hall 11/3/2013

Janelle Monae-The Electric Lady

2013 has so far been a great year for music. It seems like every week I’m crossing off another solid album that I’ve been waiting to hear. Behind The 20/20 Experience, The Electric Lady has been my most anticipated album of the year. I knew back in April when “Q.U.E.E.N.” debuted that the album would be amazing. My enthusiasm reached critical mass when I saw … Continue reading Janelle Monae-The Electric Lady