Fujiya & Miyagi To Play Lincoln Hall 4/3/18

Back in the early 2000’s I had a job where I was driving a lot. I had an iPod but sometimes it wasn’t charged or I wanted to hear something else, so I would tune in to 88.5 KURE, the college radio station for Iowa State. One of the few things I’ve carried with me from that time in Iowa was that city’s love for … Continue reading Fujiya & Miyagi To Play Lincoln Hall 4/3/18

Fight With Monsters-“Vote Batman” (Video)

There are so many bands in Chicago that it’s easy to forget that there are another million or so bands on the outskirts of the city. Fight With Monsters come from one of the western suburbs (Batavia), and this Saturday they’re putting out their new record with a release show at Cairo Ale House in West Chicago. I don’t know a lot about the band, … Continue reading Fight With Monsters-“Vote Batman” (Video)

Hasty Revelations 2013 Wishlist

Now that we’ve put the 2012 edition of Hasty Revelations to bed, it’s time to start looking forward to who we’ll work with in 2013. I’ve compiled a list of all the Chicago bands that I would like to have play at Handwritten this year. If we get some non-Chicagoans, I’ll keep that a secret until it’s posted. I’ve already been in communication with a … Continue reading Hasty Revelations 2013 Wishlist