Project Film-Different Rooms

On December 12th I attended the final Wilco show of the six at The Riviera. I had an extra ticket, so I invited Sam McAllister-lead singer/songwriter of Project Film. In between the opener and the main attraction we were chatting, and I asked him flat out, “Is your record ever coming out?” His response was an unsatisfactory “I don’t know.” This album was mixed and … Continue reading Project Film-Different Rooms

Hasty Revelations Showcase: 1/26/2014 At The Empty Bottle

In just a few days there is a show at The Empty Bottle that I put together to showcase some of the bands that recorded Hasty Revelations sessions in 2013. This is our second year in a row at the Bottle, and I couldn’t be more excited about the lineup. Last year we had four bands playing a free show on a Tuesday night in … Continue reading Hasty Revelations Showcase: 1/26/2014 At The Empty Bottle

Who To See At CMJ 2013

I wasn’t going to do a preview of the CMJ Festival starting tomorrow, but I know enough people that are going/playing that it felt like a disservice to them if I didn’t. That said, do not consider this a complete listing in the slightest. CMJ has about a billion bands playing all across New York City over the next few days. Let’s just call this … Continue reading Who To See At CMJ 2013

Project Film Playing The Burlington Tomorrow

When Sam McAllister and Megan Frestedt aren’t busy running a record label, sending out songs and info to people like me, or hanging out at Forever Yogurt, they’re busy making music together in¬†Project Film. In 2010 they put out their debut, titled Chicago. I was a fan of that record, and I’ve heard that they’re heading up to Minneapolis to record the follow-up sometime soon. … Continue reading Project Film Playing The Burlington Tomorrow

Best Weekend Ever!

Living in Chicago, there’s a constant conundrum I find myself in-what should I do this weekend? I could hit shows here or there, walk around downtown and shop, visit “The Bean,” or any other gargantuan number of things. But this weekend I’ve narrowed the choices down to just a few. If you’re looking to help me celebrate my birthday, these are the places to find … Continue reading Best Weekend Ever!