Brother Derek-Tom Cruise Leaves Self

This may come as a surprise to some, but I am a devout fan of Tom Cruise films. Like, as much as Cruise believes that he’ll eventually be able to levitate and that his thetan level might make him a god, I believe that he consistently delivers great performances. He may have some kooky beliefs, and also a lot of just weird personality issues, but … Continue reading Brother Derek-Tom Cruise Leaves Self

Wooing-In Her Head

Rachel Trachtenburg has already been making music for what seems like forever. With Wooing, her newest project, she’s taking on more of the work and delivering her most personal music yet. As part of the Trachtenburg Family Sideshow Players she was the drummer and slowly started doing more. Now she’s fronting a band of her own, with JR Thomason on guitar and Rosie Slater on … Continue reading Wooing-In Her Head

The Fuss-Boy (Video Premiere)

The Fuss released their first full-length back in July, but I hadn’t heard about them until a few days ago. After touring around Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota to support the record, they went back to Des Moines to film a video for the song “Boy” with visual master Bruce Bales and the DEFT crew. When I first heard the song my immediate thought was that … Continue reading The Fuss-Boy (Video Premiere)

Jacco Gardner-You Have The Key (That Opens The Door)

Jacco Gardner has a great new album out called Hypnophobia, which I’ve mentioned on this page previously. Yesterday a new track was released completely unrelated to the album. It’s a warm, hazy instrumental song from the compilation Trouble In Mind Presents: Eindhoven 2015. Released in a limited run of vinyl (800 copies), the record also includes tracks from Ultimate Painting, Doug Tuttle, and The Soft … Continue reading Jacco Gardner-You Have The Key (That Opens The Door)

Vision Fortune at Thalia Hall for Levitation Fest 3/14/2015

Formerly known as Austin Psych Fest, Levitation hits Chicago for the first time this Friday and Saturday. The line-up is a mix of heavy psychedelic, drone, and rock bands. Vision Fortune, a London-based trio, will be playing Saturday alongside Atlas Sound, Swervedriver, Lumerians and more at the beautiful Thalia Hall. Tickets for Friday can be found here, and Saturday here. Continue reading Vision Fortune at Thalia Hall for Levitation Fest 3/14/2015