Oliver Ignatius-Citys A Hell

I’ve been following the career of Oliver Ignatius for about 15 years already. As a teen he fronted the band The Hysterics, who became the first band to break out of the blogosphere and landed themselves some screen time on MTV. After that band dissolved, which you can read about here, he started his own studio. Over the past seven or eight years a lot … Continue reading Oliver Ignatius-Citys A Hell

Radio Moscow-250 Miles/Brain Cycles

A long time ago, and I’m talking almost a decade here, I saw Radio Moscow at The Maintenance Shop in Ames, Iowa opening for (I think) The Besnard Lakes. Even at a very young age, I found Parker Griggs guitar work very impressive. It was a big show for the Story City natives, and apparently another step in what has become a nice long career. … Continue reading Radio Moscow-250 Miles/Brain Cycles

The Luck Of Eden Hall Need Your Help!

   Chicago group The Luck Of Eden Hall are experiencing something a lot of Americam bands have over the years: being more appreciated overseas than they are in their native land. Now they have an opportunity to head over to the UK, record a live album in Wales, and play in front of their European fan base. But that costs money so they made a … Continue reading The Luck Of Eden Hall Need Your Help!

The Chambermaids-Whatever Happened Tomorrow

The Chambermaids are a seemingly ever-evolving outfit from Minneapolis. They’ve been making music for a decade in various combinations of people, the one constant being brother and sister duo Neil and Martha Weir. Whatever Happened Tomorrow is their third full-length, and their third release on Guilt Ridden Pop following two singles last year. It’s an album that doesn’t like to stay in one place too … Continue reading The Chambermaids-Whatever Happened Tomorrow

Ghost Pal-Extended Family EP


It’s hard to believe that a week ago I was sitting here watching as Don Draper reclined in his chair to The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows,” and now I’m listening to Ghost Pal cover that song as the lead track of their new EP. Is Revolver the most culturally relevant album of all-time? I can’t say for sure, but it is my favorite Beatles album-and that makes it pretty great.

What I like about the Ghost Pal version is that they capture the sound of the song without copying it. The fact that’s the Beatles created This song in the late 60’s is astounding. I’m not a record producer, but I have to think that even making some of that stuff happen in 2012 isn’t easy. This version gets a lot of help from a strong sax by Henry Kandel and embellished organ laying a foundation for Oliver Ignatius to build around. Ignatius has always had a Lennon-ish voice, but he doesn’t play it up too much here. “Tomorrow Never Knows” is a song that is very easy to mess up. Ghost Pal gets it right. Continue reading “Ghost Pal-Extended Family EP”