Diarrhea Planet at Park West 4/11/18

Last week I finally had a chance to see Diarrhea Planet play live and they did not disappoint. They may have played for 20 minutes or an hour, I really don’t know. Time loses all meaning when you’re having that much fun watching a band rock out at such a high level. With six guys on stage, there was always something interesting taking place on … Continue reading Diarrhea Planet at Park West 4/11/18

Vamos-1 2 3

Vamos will be releasing their sophomore album 1 2 3 later this week with a show at Empty Bottle. The band has been waiting to release the record for a few months, so I’m sure they can’t wait to finally unleash this blistering set of tracks recorded at Ottoman Empire with Dan Rico last year. It’s a brash, aggressive album keeping in tone with their … Continue reading Vamos-1 2 3

Priests at Pitchfork Music Festival

Priests probably could’ve played a later set on Friday, but the 1:45 start time meant that those that were there could stand comfortably without being packed in like sardines. Lead singer Katie Alice Greer showed two sides of herself on stage, punk-ish and brash lead singer and the sweet person who wants to constantly make sure the fans in the audience are doing well and … Continue reading Priests at Pitchfork Music Festival