Vamos-1 2 3

Vamos will be releasing their sophomore album 1 2 3 later this week with a show at Empty Bottle. The band has been waiting to release the record for a few months, so I’m sure they can’t wait to finally unleash this blistering set of tracks recorded at Ottoman Empire with Dan Rico last year. It’s a brash, aggressive album keeping in tone with their … Continue reading Vamos-1 2 3

Priests at Pitchfork Music Festival

Priests probably could’ve played a later set on Friday, but the 1:45 start time meant that those that were there could stand comfortably without being packed in like sardines. Lead singer Katie Alice Greer showed two sides of herself on stage, punk-ish and brash lead singer and the sweet person who wants to constantly make sure the fans in the audience are doing well and … Continue reading Priests at Pitchfork Music Festival

The Regrettes-Feel Your Feelings Fool!

It didn’t take long for 2017 to deliver a great record, and thinking of what’s happening at the end of this week it couldn’t have come at a better time. The LA-based The Regrettes have culled 15 songs that feel universally relevant. If you’re old like me, or young like the band, the themes of Feel Your Feelings Fool! should be something to which you … Continue reading The Regrettes-Feel Your Feelings Fool!