Brendan Benson-Good To Be Alive

It’s been a long while since we heard solo material from Brendan Benson. His last album, You Were Right, came out way back in 2013. He’s kept himself busy lately with his other band, The Raconteurs, and finally took some time to record new songs of his own. The first single off his new record, Dear Life, is a great Valentine’s message of loving yourself … Continue reading Brendan Benson-Good To Be Alive

Brendan Benson-What Kind Of World


If you had come to me a few months ago and said that a member of The Raconteurs was going to release a new album in April that would see so many spins on my iPod I’d be embarrassed, I would have naturally thought you were talking about Jack White. If you then corrected me and said that you were referring to Brendan Benson, AKA the other guy, I probably would have punched you in the throat (in this scenario I’m imagining you as a man without glasses). Now that I’ve heard both solo albums from the bandmates, I’d like to apologize for the hypothetical whupping. Continue reading “Brendan Benson-What Kind Of World”