Good Morning Midnight-Basket Of Flowers

It’s strange how well Good Morning Midnight‘s new album flows. The songs themselves are quite different, ranging from somber folk to indie-pop to raucous 70’s style AM radio tunes. The influence of bands like Wilco and songwriters like Elliot Smith are heard pretty easily throughout, and GMM’s Charlie Cacciatore captures their spirit with ease. Produced and engineered by friend of the site Dana Telsrow and … Continue reading Good Morning Midnight-Basket Of Flowers

Making Movies-I Am Another You

I am by no means an expert on Latin music. I’ve enjoyed it from time to time, whether listening to my dad’s Los Lobos records or picking up a Gypsy Kings album because I heard their version of “Hotel California” in The Big Lebowski. Most recently I’ve been listening to Natalia Lafourcade’s record Musas after I really liked a couple songs from her last release … Continue reading Making Movies-I Am Another You

Cross Record To Play Schubas 4/30

Married musical partnerships are rarely as rewarding and interesting at Cross Record. Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski make challenging music that can intrigue the mind while enthralling the spirit. I would consider their new album Wabi-Sabi a contender to make a lot of “Best Of” lists in 2016. It feels a bit like a Radiohead work fronted by Fiona Apple-lots of smoky vocals layered over … Continue reading Cross Record To Play Schubas 4/30

EXCLUSIVE: New Single From The Lonelyhearts

Today we’re debuting a track from The Lonelyhearts new record Years In The Great Interior, and I couldn’t be more excited for you all to hear it. I’ve been listening to the record for about a week or so now, and it’s another great release from the folks at Maximum Ames Records. The first single, “Autumn Percussion,” was a fantastic introduction to the band if … Continue reading EXCLUSIVE: New Single From The Lonelyhearts

Terriers-Unrequited Admiration Society

When Holdfast disbanded about 18 months ago, I feared the worst. They weren’t the greatest band in the world, but they were good and getting better. Now two separate bands, Lamp and Terriers, I think everyone can agree that we are all better off for the split. Danny Cohen and Easton Gruber started the latter, joined by Connor Boyle (a solo artist as well), Nora … Continue reading Terriers-Unrequited Admiration Society