MoviePass We Hardly Knew Ye

Around this time last year, MoviePass was creating quite a buzz. A subscription for going to the movie theater was the latest in the game, and for $10/month, it seemed too good to be true. Around Thanksgiving they started an even better deal-$90/year. Well, as a movie-loving person there’s no way I could pass that deal up. Since then I’ve seen 27 movies with the … Continue reading MoviePass We Hardly Knew Ye

90 Worst Films Of The 90’s

A couple weeks ago I dropped my list of the top 90 movies of the 90’s. I spent a good amount of time with it, but the decade was still nagging me after I posted. As much as I love 90’s movies and could watch them all day every day, there’s way more bad than good. That’s probably true for every decade, but the 90’s … Continue reading 90 Worst Films Of The 90’s