Jean-Baptiste “Rain”

I received a very short and polite email ten days ago from a rapper who goes by the name Jean-Baptiste. He stated that he considers “Rain” to be a fight song, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m keeping this post brief, but don’t think for a second I don’t love this track. After a super 70’s vibe to kick off “Rain,” Jean-Baptiste spits bars that … Continue reading Jean-Baptiste “Rain”

KAMI & Smoko Ono-Reboot

It seems like every week a new crop of Chicago rappers get a little buzz. Sometimes it sticks and sometimes it fades with the same abruptness that brought it. Having seen KAMI perform live twice I can tell you he’s one to stay. It doesn’t hurt that this single features another great Chicago artist, Joey Purp. And oh yeah, that guy Chance The Rapper. “Reboot” … Continue reading KAMI & Smoko Ono-Reboot

Vic Mensa at House Of Vans 5/31/18

Last night Vic Mensa brought his politically charged raps to House Of Vans for a free show. It was 90 degrees in Chicago, and the venue had the doors open with some weak fans blowing from above, making the place a sweat lodge by the time a few hundred people showed up. The place was ready to blow, just waiting for someone to light the … Continue reading Vic Mensa at House Of Vans 5/31/18

Mad Clown and San E “We Want You” Tour at Park West 04/29/18

My experience with KPop is fairly limited. When I lived in Iowa the college radio station had a show on some afternoons where they would play that style of music for an hour or two, and I would listen if I was driving around the city. It was interesting, but nothing I followed up with or would check out on my own time. Recently, I’ve … Continue reading Mad Clown and San E “We Want You” Tour at Park West 04/29/18