Kari’s Top 16 of ’16 (Photos)

Kari didn’t have the opportunity to shoot as many shows as I did this year, yet she came away with about as many worthwhile shots as me. Some of these were shot for this website, and some for Aesthetic Magazine out of Toronto, which she’s been shooting for the past couple years. Check out her Facebook page for more photos. 16. 15. 14. 13. 12. … Continue reading Kari’s Top 16 of ’16 (Photos)

North Coast Day 2-In Pictures pt 2

Like clockwork, Sarah delivered her images to me at almost the same time as yesterday, so I’m able to post them before I head out to the Cubs game. A couple of the bands are repeated from Kari’s shots that I got up last night, but it’s always good to see different perspectives on the same set. North Coast finishes up today with a headlining … Continue reading North Coast Day 2-In Pictures pt 2

North Coast Music Fest Day 2-In Pictures

As promised, Kari hit up North Coast today and got some much better pictures than I took yesterday. She was going to leave before Raury’s set, but I asked her to stay because I really like Raury and thought he would provide some good shots. Turns out I was right, and Kari really liked his music so it was a win-win. Sounds like things got … Continue reading North Coast Music Fest Day 2-In Pictures