Looney Gloomers-Muscles

A little bit of Bowie, a little bit of Krautrock, and a whole lot of 80’s synth records make the foundation for Looney Gloomers latest single, “Muscles.” The fresh four-piece spent a scant 20 days writing and recording their new album providing a feel of spontaneity and urgency to the tracks. They’ve said the want to make music that feels like a book. Specifically Steinbeck’s … Continue reading Looney Gloomers-Muscles

Andy Pratt-Sweeter Than The Wine

I spent my 40th birthday camping at a Yogi Bear-themed campground and capsizing a kayak on Lake Monroe. Andy Pratt, wisely, will be celebrating by releasing a new record and playing a show at The Hideout with his friend Steve Dawson (Dolly Varden, Funeral Bonsai Wedding). While The Hideout is a bit nautically themed, I imagine he will have a much drier experience than I … Continue reading Andy Pratt-Sweeter Than The Wine

SONG PREMIERE: Curious Grace & Black Rabbit-Taylor’s Hill

When I hear Celtic rock music, my brain immediately assumes that it’s a modern take on an old traditional song. The melodies are so rich, and the tales so legendary, that I forget there are bands making new Celtic music every day. So when I heard “Taylor’s Hill” for the first time, my brain went to the same place. Of course, it didn’t take long … Continue reading SONG PREMIERE: Curious Grace & Black Rabbit-Taylor’s Hill

Lydmor-LSD Heart

I’ve always been a big fan of musicians getting out of their comfort zone and trying something new. For an artist who has built their career being an electronic artist, I can’t imagine anything further from comfort than pulling the plugs and playing acoustic. That’s exactly what Jenny Rossander did, tossing aside the luxury of hiding behind loops and whirrs in favor of a more … Continue reading Lydmor-LSD Heart