Slothrust-The Pact

Every couple of years our ears are gifted a great offering from Slothrust. Their third album, The Pact, comes out this Friday. It’s just one month short of the two year mark since their fantastic Everyone Else. During the gap they toured relentlessly, including a few shows here in Chicago. It also appears that they may have taken a look at their output and decided … Continue reading Slothrust-The Pact

St Lenox-Ten Fables Of Young Ambition And Passionate Love

There’s a lot to love about Andrew Choi’s musical persona St. Lenox. This is the third release of his that I’ve had the great joy of listening to, and each one is so full of interesting stories that I come back to them again and again. Ten Fables Of Young Ambition And Passionate Love isn’t out until the end of September, but I’ve been listening … Continue reading St Lenox-Ten Fables Of Young Ambition And Passionate Love

The WLDLFE-“Towel”

Who’s ready for the great Hoosier boom?!!? It’s been a long time since Indiana was relevant in the music conversation, or any conversation for that matter. The WLDLFE is trying to change that, joining fellow Indiana natives Houndmouth in the cultural zeitgeist. Their new album I’m Not Worried Anymore dropped today, and I’m including a video for their song “Towel” for your enjoyment. Much like … Continue reading The WLDLFE-“Towel”

Oliver Ignatius & Ezra Miller-sadtown

Way back in June of 2011 I first wrote about Oliver Ignatius and his band The Hysterics. Shortly thereafter I had the pleasure of interviewing him after he contacted me to set the record straight on how everything went down with the dissolving of that group. We became friends and down the line he sent me some stuff by Sons Of An Illustrious Father, a … Continue reading Oliver Ignatius & Ezra Miller-sadtown

Odetta Hartman-Old Rockhounds Never Die

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since Odetta Hartman’s voice first entered my mind, but here we are. I was alerted to her talent by friend of the site Oliver Ignatius when she recorded at his studio for her Bark EP. That record featured the single “End Of The World,” which I can still listen to a hundred times in a row and … Continue reading Odetta Hartman-Old Rockhounds Never Die