HD Harmsen-Glaciers

It’s been about six years since the last time I wrote about HD Harmsen and his musical gifts. He had a track and album that made my list of favorites in 2013 and 2017, but it’s been a while since I had heard from him. Now he’s ready to upload all of his material onto the streaming platforms, including his brand new album, Glaciers. I’ve … Continue reading HD Harmsen-Glaciers

Indigo de Souza-Younger & Dumber

Any time we get new music from Indigo de Souza, it’s a reason to celebrate. Today we get news of new album, a new single with video, and a slew of shows including 5/18 here in Chicago at Thalia Hall. Having seen her live a couple of times, I can guarantee you won’t want to miss this tour. “Younger & Dumber” leads the campaign for … Continue reading Indigo de Souza-Younger & Dumber

Exclusive: Kicking Bird-“Lauren”

It is impossible to relay just how excited I am to be bringing you this exclusive listen to the first single from Kicking Bird’s debut album, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Years in the making, these eleven tracks will likely make up my entire vibe for the summer. After getting an early listen a while back, I instantly knew that “Lauren” would be the song to … Continue reading Exclusive: Kicking Bird-“Lauren”

No Project One-Connected

It used to be every year we hear some prestigious music critic loudly proclaim that rock music is dead. It was happening consistently for about forty years, and yet rock n roll persists. Well, I’m here to tell you nice and early in 2023 that rock ain’t goin’ nowhere. Not so long as bands like No Project One are here to keep it alive. The … Continue reading No Project One-Connected