The Right Now-Starlight

A few years ago someone sent me a copy of The Right Now Gets Over You to review. It wasn’t like anything I was listening to at the time-a throwback breakup record filled with funk and R&B and some of the best vocals I’d heard in ages. While Stefanie Berecz’s vocals carried the record for me, it was apparent that there was a lot of … Continue reading The Right Now-Starlight

Dunn Dunn Fest Night 2: Lincoln Hall

   Here’s a little Dunn Dunn Fest riddle for you: what do you get when you cross amazing bands, a great crowd, and a first-class music venue? If you guessed “night 2 of Dunn Dunn Fest, specifically the show at Lincoln Hall featuring Nasty Snacks, Alanna Royale, and Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, congratulations! Go reward yourself with a cookie. I’ll wait. How was … Continue reading Dunn Dunn Fest Night 2: Lincoln Hall

Dance Floor Plans At Lincoln Hall 8/21/11

If you’ve ever wondered what Lincoln Hall would look like if a huge dance party broke out, last night’s Dance Floor Plans set would have been a perfect display. The crowd exceeded my expectations in sheer number for a band playing their very first live show. I guess when you have James Johnston-the man that brought us Bumpus, which featured members of ¬†JC Brooks and … Continue reading Dance Floor Plans At Lincoln Hall 8/21/11