Top Albums Of 2013: 25-1

25. Jamaican Queens–Wormfood 24. Dr. Skinnybones–A Last Hurrah For The Glory Of Drinking Alone 23. The Thermals–Desperate Ground 22. Smith Westerns–Soft Will 21. Night Terrors Of 1927–Guilty Pleas EP 20. Deltron 3030-The Event II 19. Yeah Yeah Yeahs–Mosquito 18. Portugal. The Man.–Evil Friends 17. The All-About–Suburban Heart 16. Fort Frances–Harbour 15. Killer Mike & El-P-Run The Jewels 14.Camera Obscura–Desire Lines 13. Rilo Kiley–RKives 12. Golden Bloom–No Day Like Today 11. Christopher Owens–Lysandre 10. Islands–Ski Mask 9. Janelle Monae–The Electric Lady 8. Of … Continue reading Top Albums Of 2013: 25-1

Night Terrors Of 1927-Guilty Pleas EP

If you’re a fan of Blake Sennett, like I am, then 2013 has been a pretty good year. Back in the spring Rilo Kiley released Rkives, a collection of unreleased songs and alternate versions that they’ve been putting together for the past couple years. Now we’ve had the chance to check out his new musical endeavour, Night Terrors Of 1927. This is Blake and his … Continue reading Night Terrors Of 1927-Guilty Pleas EP

Steph Barrak-Words To Break Your Heart

Boston-based singer-songwriter Steph Barrak is flying under the radar right now, despite releasing a very good record on Valentine’s Day called Words To Break Your Heart. Over the course of eleven songs she proves herself to be a fine writer and performer, combining the emotional sincerity and intelligence of Laura Veirs with the sing-along pop sensibility of the early 2000’s wave of female Top 40 … Continue reading Steph Barrak-Words To Break Your Heart

The Elected-Bury Me In My Rings

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since The Elected released Sun, Sun, Sun. It’s even harder to believe that the last time Blake Sennett released anything was the last album by Rilo Kiley (let’s face it, probably the last one ever) Under the Blacklight. In his time off, he went back into the film world, essentially retiring in 2010, only to be brought … Continue reading The Elected-Bury Me In My Rings