Wes John Cichosz-“Everybody Says”

January is generally a catch-up month, so I haven’t posted on much new music. Instead I’m going back through 2017 stuff I missed and trying to make up for it. Last week I reviewed Lilly Winwood’s EP. After that, I spent some time with her dad’s band Traffic. I was surprised to notice a lot of similarities when I turned on Wes John Cichosz’s song … Continue reading Wes John Cichosz-“Everybody Says”

The Top Songs Of 2017

I think we can all agree 2017 has been a long decade. For every step forward we took over the past eight years, it seems we’ve taken 2 giant steps back since January. Fortunately, music has continued to be a kind of refuge from the harsh reality we find ourselves inhabiting, and it’s been a pretty good 12 months in that regard. There were only … Continue reading The Top Songs Of 2017

Dan Rico at Cafe Mustache 10/14/2017

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the new 7″ “Flesh & Bone” from Chicago musician Dan Rico. Saturday night I got to see him live and it was great. The vibe on stage completely matches the fuzzed out honky-tonk you hear on the record. I referred to it to a friend as “dirty Elvis,” and I think that fits pretty well. I hadn’t been … Continue reading Dan Rico at Cafe Mustache 10/14/2017

Moon Taxi at Concord Music Hall 10/13/2017

It had been a few years since I last saw Moon Taxi play in a club, so I was excited to check out their set a couple nights ago in Chicago. I caught about twenty minutes of them playing outdoors in Memphis last year, but I had to go to get to another stage. Concord is a much bigger venue than where I first saw … Continue reading Moon Taxi at Concord Music Hall 10/13/2017

Kasabian at House Of Blues 9/19/2017

In the USA, a lot of people had written off Kasabian as another band that made a big splash when they came over from the UK, but couldn’t sustain any momentum stateside. Back in their native land they’ve been going strong, and this year marks their 20th anniversary as a band. They’ve actually kept things pretty consistent, with a new album out every two to … Continue reading Kasabian at House Of Blues 9/19/2017

The Fuss-Boy (Video Premiere)

The Fuss released their first full-length back in July, but I hadn’t heard about them until a few days ago. After touring around Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota to support the record, they went back to Des Moines to film a video for the song “Boy” with visual master Bruce Bales and the DEFT crew. When I first heard the song my immediate thought was that … Continue reading The Fuss-Boy (Video Premiere)