Imelda May-Tribal

20140728-162020-58820687.jpgI was a fan of Imelda May‘s last album, 2010’s Mayhem. I’m using fan in a pretty casual sense there because I liked it and listened to it a number of times, but it wasn’t on any of my top lists or anything. Mayhem was a fun record to hang out with for a while, kinda like other peoples kids. Her new record, Tribal, has a bit more staying power.

The Irish singer is one of the few people making rockabilly music that hasn’t been saturated by this weird combination of honkytonk and ska(surely we can’t put all the blame on Brian Setzer) that’s permeated the genre. Along with guitarist/husband Darrel Higham and the rest of a fantastic band, May stays true to the principles that have made rockabilly great for the past 60 years.
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Ezra Furman-Day Of The Dog

This will probably come as a surprise to no one, but I think Ezra Furman is the most unique and talented songwriter working today. Last year he released his first solo album, The Year Of No Returning, and it easily found itself in my top 5 of 2012. His new release, Day Of The Dog, came out earlier this week. While it is entirely different-almost … Continue reading Ezra Furman-Day Of The Dog

Willy Moon at Schubas 2/11/13

I knew very little about Willy Moon before going to see him last night at Schubas. What I did know is mostly common knowledge-his song “Yeah Yeah” was used in a recent iPod commercial, his star is rising quickly, and one of his early  singles released in the US, “Railroad Track,” was put out by Third Man Records (which is really all I needed to … Continue reading Willy Moon at Schubas 2/11/13