Falldown-“I Will Go” (VIDEO)

Just before Thanksgiving last year, I had the chance to catch Falldown at Martyrs for their record release show. They played a great set and did a good job of changing things up and holding the interest of the audience. Everyone in the band is also a member of some other Chicago group, so this is kind of a side project for them, though I … Continue reading Falldown-“I Will Go” (VIDEO)

Chicago Roots Collective 4th Annual Showcase

The greatest thing about the Chicago Roots Collective is the diversity of the bands involved. It’s what allows them to hold showcases like this once a year, and not feel like they’re just repeating themselves. A lot of the same bands played this year that also played previous years, but there were also some new ones to mix it up. They moved from Elbo Room … Continue reading Chicago Roots Collective 4th Annual Showcase

The Illegitimate Sons-American Music


I’ve been stuck in a glass box of americana the past couple weeks. Between Cory Chisel, The Howling Brothers, and another I’m not allowed to talk about yet, I’ve been fairly steeped in rootsy music. Not that I can complain. When it’s done well, there’s nothing finer. So I wasn’t too broken up when I found the upcoming debut from The Illegitimate Sons in my inbox. They hail from Fort Wayne, Indiana, the same state I grew up in. I’m always happy to help fellow hoosiers, especially if it means it can get them the hell out of Indiana.

Not that these guys need my help. For a debut, American Music is ridiculously polished. Produced by the band’s guitarist Ben Porter, Illegitimate Sons have crafted a record that stands up with artists much further along in their careers. It’s clean, but not too clean. Pretty, but not soft. They weave these ten songs together pulling from the fabric left behind by Neil Young, The Jayhawks, and Townes Van Zandt. If you’re a fan of any of those, I think you’ll find something enjoyable here.

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