Primavera Packs A Punch In 2017

Barcelona’s Primavera Sound music festival has long been the standard-bearer for anyone trying to put on a music fest. It continues to fill the lineup with excellent acts across all genres and keeps the party going until the sun comes up with dance and techno music after the headliners finish their sets. This year shall be no different, with another exquisite mixture of rock, hip-hop, … Continue reading Primavera Packs A Punch In 2017

React Presents: Reaction NYE (Photos)

Reaction NYE was not our typical kind of festival, but we wanted to see Run The Jewels and Chance The Rapper again, so we decided to go. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, although many of my fears proved to be correct before we even got through security. The crowd was mostly cordial, with a lot of shirtless 18-24 year old … Continue reading React Presents: Reaction NYE (Photos)

Favorite Photos of ’15-Ten Of My Best From This Year

It was a good year for picture taking, as we were able to get into some really awesome shows and festivals. Some of these photos I picked because I think they’re really good. Others I chose because of my own personal feelings toward them. So, if you see a pic and think “I saw your photos from that show and there were much better ones,” … Continue reading Favorite Photos of ’15-Ten Of My Best From This Year

Ranking Pitchfork 2015

Saw a lot of great sets this weekend, but some were better than others. The festival went all out on supporting local musicians, with two of the headlining acts based her in the Windy City. The gamble paid off, and the tenth anniversary crowd was the biggest the fest has ever seen. They also stepped up their hip-hop game once again, grabbing some of the … Continue reading Ranking Pitchfork 2015