Jared Rabin-Something Left To Say

   It’s been a little while since I checked out what Jared Rabin was up to. Last time I saw him he was playing with a band called Falldown that makes pretty great alt-country tunes around Chicago. Back in September he self-produced his first solo record, Something Left To Say. I’m a bit late to the party, but it’s a good listen. Style-wise he stays … Continue reading Jared Rabin-Something Left To Say

The Felice Brothers-Mix Tape

I’m going to see The Felice Brothers tonight at Lincoln Hall. I haven’t had a chance to listen to their new record, Celebration, Florida yet, so here is a re-post of my thoughts on their last release. The Felice Brothers put out their self-titled debut in 2008. A year later, they put out two new releases, Yonder is the Clock and a self-recorded disc called Mix Tape. Originally intended as a … Continue reading The Felice Brothers-Mix Tape