Vintage Blue At House Of Blues 6-1-2013

I’ve talked about Vintage Blue at length many times over the past 18 months, so I won’t bore you with minutiae. Hammerfest was once again upon us over the weekend, and The Lovehammers set up a great rock show that had Chicago’s favorite sons as the final band before Marty Casey and company blew the roof off the House Of Blues. It was a full … Continue reading Vintage Blue At House Of Blues 6-1-2013

Vintage Blue-Strike The Mics

You probably noticed an influx of Vintage Blue posts between mid-December and January. They played the House Of Blues, came by to record a Hasty Revelations session, AND had their record release party in the span of one month. That’s why I waited until the last minute to review Strike The Mics, which finally sees its release tomorrow, February 14th. If you read any of … Continue reading Vintage Blue-Strike The Mics