February 14th 2013 Playlist

It’s funny how different people interpret a holiday like Valentine’s Day. For some, it’s the best day of the year, and if it isn’t celebrated by everyone around them with the utmost enthusiasm their whole day is ruined. I’m sure a lot of guys out there think of it as a hassle that they have to pick out a gift for their significant other (and … Continue reading February 14th 2013 Playlist

Top 10 Disappointments of 2011

Each year I like to just vent a little bit about some things that have disappointed me over the last year. Nothing major. Just some things I need to get off my chest before the calendar turns to 2012. 10. Wilco-The Whole Love I feel kinda bad putting this album on my list of disappointments after the series of shows Wilco just put on, but … Continue reading Top 10 Disappointments of 2011