Eleanor Friedberger-Last Summer

We have a bit of a connection between yesterday’s post and today’s, an unusual occurrence for us. Eleanor Friedberger hails from Oak Park, IL. That happens to be where The Welcome make their music. Who would have thought that one good musician would come from Oak Park, let alone whole bands (and don’t forget Betty White, Bob Newhart, and Ernest Hemingway)! Like it’s own little … Continue reading Eleanor Friedberger-Last Summer

The Antlers-Burst Apart Album Review

 In 2009 The Antlers released their debut LP as a group, Hospice. Somehow, beyond my grasp, it went completely under my radar. I eventually got a copy in the summer of 2010 based on a review I had read. The album is mesmerizing. It plays like a waking nightmare at times, where you aren’t sure what you’re seeing or hearing is real. The track “Bear” … Continue reading The Antlers-Burst Apart Album Review

Record Store Day Recap

Yesterday was a great celebration for music fans and record enthusiasts around the world. Special limited-edition vinyl releases, in-store performances, and free swag from the stores themselves. A joyous day that I wish never had to end. I had to get to the record store early because I had to be at work by 11. I rode the bus over to Saki and walked in five minutes … Continue reading Record Store Day Recap