Ezra Furman-Perpetual Motion People

   After a few years of Ezra Furman fandom, you start to put unfair expectations on the singer. The past five years have seen a few great albums come out of the Evanston native. Every time a new record is announced I think “No way this could possibly be as good as the last one.” And time and time again, I’m proven wrong. Perpetual Motion … Continue reading Ezra Furman-Perpetual Motion People

Christopher Owens-Lysandre

Last summer when Girls officially broke up, I took it pretty bad. Like a lot of people, I thought the music Christopher Owens and Chet White were making was the tip-top of the day. Father, Son, Holy Ghost would be their last album together, and it was my second-favorite album of 2011. So, when Owens announced that he was working on a solo record to … Continue reading Christopher Owens-Lysandre