Music.Defined.’s Favorite Songs Of 2016

I didn’t get up to 100 songs this year. I tried and there just wasn’t enough material for 100 that I felt warranted listing. There’s a ton of stuff I haven’t heard, as there is every year, but these are the best of the music of which I had a chance to listen.  The order isn’t that important, though I’m designating Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” and … Continue reading Music.Defined.’s Favorite Songs Of 2016

Schoolboy Q and Churches at Fun Fun Fun Fest

I caught a few minutes of Cheap Trick and then headed over to see Schoolboy Q. He did essentially the same set I saw last year at Pitchfork. Still great, but he was complaining that he was tired of playing the same songs. He did say that this performance was his last before hitting the studio for the next record, so maybe next time he … Continue reading Schoolboy Q and Churches at Fun Fun Fun Fest

Schoolboy Q at Pitchfork

The Man Of The Year rapper managed to match the energy of Perfect Pussy’s frantic 23-minute set for the duration of his almost hour-long performance. Starting with hits off the new record including “Hands on The Wheel,” the crowd sang along from beginning to end. He hit the big ones with “Collard Greens,” “Studio,” and closer “Man Of The Year.” I was impressed with the … Continue reading Schoolboy Q at Pitchfork