Hoots & Hellmouth-Diction (Video)

It’s been about 5 years since the last release from Philly’s Hoots & Hellmouth released new music. They were singing about a wrecking ball a full year before that other popular song about wrecking balls came out, but it’s been quiet on all fronts since then. Which makes In The Trees a hotly anticipated record for fans of the band like myself. Yesterday they put … Continue reading Hoots & Hellmouth-Diction (Video)

Hoots and Hellmouth-Salt

A couple of weeks ago I posted a song off of Hoots and Hellmouth‘s new album, Salt, with the promise of a review within the next week. Well that didn’t happen, obviously, and now I find myself listening and writing with less than 24 hours before it is officially released. The song, “Why Would You Not Want To Go There” stood out to me as … Continue reading Hoots and Hellmouth-Salt