Tangerine-“Nothing Better”

When I saw the name Tangerine pop up in my mailbox last week, for some reason I kept thinking of Tangerine Dream. Not entirely sure why, but it was a couple days before I had a chance to listen to it. I was pretty disappointed at first-still thinking it was the German electronic group that scored Ridley Scott’s Legend. But after a couple minutes I … Continue reading Tangerine-“Nothing Better”

The Local Strangers-Left For Better

Really pleasant surprises are few and far between lately. Seems like between June and August I was hearing nothing but albums that I really liked. Then in September and October it flipped and I heard maybe one good record a week or less. So I started listening less, hoping that the good albums would catch up with me eventually. When The Local Strangers sent me … Continue reading The Local Strangers-Left For Better