Golden Bloom-Searching For Sunlight

  It’s been two years, give or take a few days, since Golden Bloom announced their Pledgemusic campaign for their full-length album Searching For Sunlight. I’ve been a fan for a few years, so I made a pledge to the project on September 17, 2013. I had no idea how long it would take, but the band did a good job of keeping pledgers updated with … Continue reading Golden Bloom-Searching For Sunlight

Exclusive Interview With Golden Bloom

Golden Bloom is one of my favorite bands working today. Their new record, No Day Like Today, is available now. It’s a glorious piece of work that I hope you make time to check out. The guys in the band also happen to be super cool guys who I like to think will attain the success they deserve. MD-I think people who haven’t seen the … Continue reading Exclusive Interview With Golden Bloom

Golden Bloom-No Day Like Today

Over the past couple years I’ve had a few opportunities to talk to Shawn Fogel about his band Golden Bloom (and, more often than not, “Breaking Bad”). I first caught him at a performance of one of his many side projects, Neutral Uke Hotel, which also includes Golden Bloom bandmate Josh Cohen. Then I ran into him at SxSw in 2011. Since that encounter he’s … Continue reading Golden Bloom-No Day Like Today

Shawn Fogel @ Martyrs 2/28/12

Shawn Fogel came to Chicago last night to open for Ben Lee at Martyrs. He came straight after playing a west coast tour with his two bands, Golden Bloom and Neutral Uke Hotel. On this night Shawn played alone, with only his acoustic guitar as accompaniment, and he delivered a forty minute slice of pop heaven. It took some in the audience a few songs … Continue reading Shawn Fogel @ Martyrs 2/28/12