Best Concerts Of 2015-My Top Ten

With only a couple weeks left in 2015, concert season is pretty much over. With the week between Christmas and New Year’s pretty much a dead zone, this is the final week for shows and I’ve only got one on my calendar. So, it’s a good time to recap the best shows I saw in 2015. Anything I reviewed on the site has a clickable … Continue reading Best Concerts Of 2015-My Top Ten

Shilpa Ray-Last Year’s Savage

  I saw Shilpa Ray play a small show at Burlington Bar here in Chicago at the beginning of March, and it was pretty great. So I’m not surprised that Last Year’s Savage is such a fantastic record-easily one of the best I’ve heard so far this year. The follow-up to 2013’s It’s All Self-Fellatio finds the singer more powerful than ever with vocals that never … Continue reading Shilpa Ray-Last Year’s Savage

Shilpa Ray At Burlington Bar 3/4/2015

 The harmonium is not an instrument people get excited about. In popular music, only Sharon Van Etten has received any kind of notoriety playing it, and honestly her songs tend to put me to sleep. So imagine my surprise, and great joy, as I watched Shilpa Ray destroy the stage at Burlington Bar by unleashing the awesome power of the pump organ. I have … Continue reading Shilpa Ray At Burlington Bar 3/4/2015

Shilpa Ray Releases Make Up EP Ahead Of US Tour

The pairing of Lou Reed and Dinah Washington covers may seem like an odd selection for an EP to some (including myself), but in the hands of Shilpa Ray it makes all the sense in the world. The singer turns both into timeless jazz standards with a brassy voice perfect for the Broadway stage. Both are a far cry from the sounds on Ray’s debut … Continue reading Shilpa Ray Releases Make Up EP Ahead Of US Tour