The Machiavellis-“She”/”Grey Day Machine”

Shoegaze can come in many different forms, most of which put me to sleep. Even when it’s done well I usually find it pretty easy to tune out and snooze for a while. Fortunately the new tracks from Kent-based group The Machiavellis have plenty going on to keep my interest (and yours). I wasn’t familiar with the band before last week, though I do have … Continue reading The Machiavellis-“She”/”Grey Day Machine”

Slowdive Release New Music

I was surprised to see “Slowdive Returns” in my inbox this morning. If they’re just now returning, who did I see at Pitchfork in 2014? Pretty sure I remember taking pictures of Rachel Goswell.  They did put out their first new music in over 20 years, picking up pretty much where they left off in ’95. I didn’t hear of them until much later, but … Continue reading Slowdive Release New Music

Fury Things/Brilliant Beast Release Split EP

Guilt Ridden Pop sends me music intermittently, and sometimes it’s really good. Such is the case with the new split EP from Minneapolis-based bands Fury Things and Brilliant Beast. While the differences between the two bands are many, hearing them back to back isn’t off-putting. Rather, it’s quite interesting to hear the fast garage-punk of Fury Things clashing with the shoegaze-y lushness of Brilliant Beast. … Continue reading Fury Things/Brilliant Beast Release Split EP

Videotape-Underwater Weather

Videotape may be a shoegaze band, but they can hold their heads up high when they talk about their new album Underwater Weather. Released a couple weeks ago, this is the band’s second full-length album, and a giant leap forward musically. I liked Don’t Disconnect just fine, but here they seem to have cracked the code on what their “sound” should be. There’s a cohesiveness … Continue reading Videotape-Underwater Weather