Lollapalooza Gets Weird

After a fairly innocuous start yesterday, Lollapalooza took quite a turn as the sun went down and people got a little more loose with the flowing alcohol and various other substances. After catching part of Band Of Horses set I decided I needed some time away from the masses and went for a walk outside the grounds. It was a little humid, but overall a … Continue reading Lollapalooza Gets Weird

Avoid The Malaise of 9/11 Commemoration

  Many of you will spend this weekend watching CNN or whichever news source you think gives you the news with the least amount of bullshit (I watch none of them), and with that will come a lot of sadness and ill thoughts. So, I wanted to give you a way to get some entertainment without leaving your home (because if you’ve been watching the … Continue reading Avoid The Malaise of 9/11 Commemoration

Smith Westerns @ Schubas 8/4/11

It’s Lollapalooza weekend, and I know we all have a million things to do before we can fully enjoy the weekend, so I’ll keep this brief. Smith Westerns proved last night why they are so loved. Every piece of praise heaped upon them by critics and fans is pretty much deserved. Their live show was insanely polished, and I couldn’t have imagined it going any … Continue reading Smith Westerns @ Schubas 8/4/11

10 Bands You Must See At Lollapalooza; and 10 To Skip

I won’t be attending Lollapalooza this year. No one on the bill jumped out at me as being worth buying a three-day pass, and the one-day pass system is just silly to me. Why would I pay $90 to see three or four bands I could see for $8-10 each in an air conditioned club? However, a hundred thousand or so of you WILL be attending, … Continue reading 10 Bands You Must See At Lollapalooza; and 10 To Skip