Bret McKenzie-If You Wanna Go

You may be surprised to hear that the co-frontman for New Zealand’s fourth most popular folk parody band has a new solo album coming out this week. Or, if you’re a weirdo like myself, you’ve been waiting for this moment for years. Bret McKenzie has won a Grammy, an Oscar, and his film appearances have grossed over three billion dollars; future generations will no longer … Continue reading Bret McKenzie-If You Wanna Go

Rivers Cuomo at Beat Kitchen 4/10/18

For the majority of their career, I never considered myself a Weezer fan. I liked them well enough, but they were never a go-to for me. At the time when they first started getting popular I was in 8th grade and I have a memory of sitting at the lunch table with my friends singing “Buddy Holly” after that music video hit the airwaves of … Continue reading Rivers Cuomo at Beat Kitchen 4/10/18

Anna Burch-“2 Cool 2 Care”

If you’re a fan of indie-folk you may recognize Anna Burch as a member of Michigan’s finest, frontier ruckus. After years working with the band she’s decided to strike out on her own. The debut LP won’t be out until early next year, but “2 Cool 2 Care” gives us a nice peek into her world. If you want to hear more, Anna is opening … Continue reading Anna Burch-“2 Cool 2 Care”

Ezra Furman at Space 1/7/2017

I’m repeating myself for maybe the thousandth time, but there is nothing greater than seeing Ezra Furman perform in front of a hometown crowd. He’s so comfortable and at ease that the show is like an episode of Storytellers. He talks at length about songs and what he’s feeling and it’s amazing. This solo show was no different, and I’m glad I could make it … Continue reading Ezra Furman at Space 1/7/2017

Christopher Owens-Lysandre

Last summer when Girls officially broke up, I took it pretty bad. Like a lot of people, I thought the music Christopher Owens and Chet White were making was the tip-top of the day. Father, Son, Holy Ghost would be their last album together, and it was my second-favorite album of 2011. So, when Owens announced that he was working on a solo record to … Continue reading Christopher Owens-Lysandre